Podcast - ASU #17: The State of African Cycling, Jock Boyer + Kimberley Coats

Sun, 15 Sep 2019


Author: Africa Sports Unified

Released Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2019

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In this Episode, we have an in-depth conversation with Kimberley Coats and Jock Boyer, founders of Africa Rising CyclingKimberley and Jock have a vast knowledge of the cycling scene on the continent having worked in the space for over 17 years with various nations such as Rwanda, Eritrea, Nigeria doing all they can to help raise the level of the sport from building relationships with European teams, send African teams to competitions, fundraising, consulting and providing a strategy for team and nations.In this episode we discuss we discuss:-Strategies implemented to develop cycling-Obstacles & Challenges for each African region-The importance of Education and Mentors-How seeing Black Africans compete at the major tournaments will help grow the sport-The importance of private investment being used to develop the sport www.teamafricarising.orgInstagram: africarisingcyclingTwitter: cyclingafricaFacebook: cyclingafricaSubscribe to our newsletter: https://asunified.com/Follow us: https://linktr.ee/ASUnified


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