How Sport Can Support the inclusive Implementation of the AfCFTA:

Aim:The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) holds a promise to accelerate inclusive and sustainable development in Africa through the creation of a single and liberalised market for goods and services which will increase intra-African trade of higher value goods and boost revenues and livelihoods in the African continent. In particular, the AfCFTA presents a momentous opportunity to address the multidimensional challenges young people face in Africa to obtain employment, quality jobs and decent wages by creating new opportunities for trading and entrepreneurial activities across various manufacturing and services sectors in Africa.

Sport is recognised by the United Nations as an enabler towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development given its ability to promote diplomacy and cooperation and to reach youth, women and those with disabilities. In addition, the sports industry also presents itself as an effective enabler in creating inclusive jobs, entrepreneurship and innovation and is recognised as a highly efficient tool to strengthen youth skills that are important to help youth access the labour market.

It is against this backdrop, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) in collaboration with Africa Sports Unified (ASU) have initiated the AfCFTA Global Mentorship Program to leverage the ability for sport to support the inclusive implementation of the AfCFTA and help young people in the African continent accelerate their entrepreneurial capabilities as well as their skills- and network development.

Overview: This Mentorship Program will address the limited access youth and women have to professional associations and to social capital that can support their participation in trade. it will also focus on the transfer of knowledge gathered from research which will include training and skills development during the program.

As a mentee, you get the opportunity to learn from an industry expert within sports management, communication, innovation and/ entrepreneurship to help you identify career paths and opportunities as well as tools for how to get there. Moreover, the programme will provide an introduction to the AfCFTA to uncover what opportunities this Agreement can create for African youth as well as how to leverage these through other training modules on entrepreneurship, communication, investment principles and innovation.

Each mentee will be paired up with a mentor, and expected to commit to a meeting at least once a month. During this time and in between sessions, mentors will encourage mentees to reflect on and work towards key objectives and developmental areas, which are to be mutually agreed. Mentor’s will hold mentee’s accountable for any project work agreed, and will share good practice and workplace expertise relevant to each mentee’s aspirations and goals. Mentee’s will be supported by their mentors, and challenged in ways that will facilitate constructive feedback. There may also be opportunities for mentors to offer work experience.

PROGRAM DATES: June - December 2021

Training Modules:

  1. Introduction The AfCFTA
  2. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  3. Investment Principles & Innovative Financing
  4. Innovation as a Driver for Success