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Written by Kimberly Coats

Ignite Power and Team Benediction Cycling are happy to announce a new collaboration, with Ignite Power becoming the lead sponsor of all Team Benediction Cycling activities in Rwanda and abroad. The sponsorship incorporates two leading organizations, with a strive for excellence, dedication, and inclusiveness leading their operations.

“We are extremely happy and excited to collaborate with Team Benediction Cycling,” says Peter Feinberg, Ignite Power shareholder. “The team’s activities and athletes prove that a combination of hard work, dedication, and discipline make anything possible. Those are the same values that lead us on Ignite’s journey – to connect all people in the world to clean, affordable power. Sharing the same values and belief, the new collaboration feels natural to all of us.”

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Kimberly Coats

Kimberly is the Director of Marketing for Team Africa Rising

Our mission has been to not only recruit, train, and compete in cycling, but also to teach and train the next generation of coaches, mechanics, nutritionists, etc. for the program by modeling the necessary infrastructure of running a first-world cycling program.


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