In-depth discussions with the thought leaders, decision makers  and sports personalities within Sports Business, sharing their knowledge and insight.

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ASU Sports Business Podcast 18: Gerrit Davids, CEO Gerom Media, Sports & Entertainment
A former lawyer with a vast experience of the African Sports Market, Gerrit has started many sports ventures and works with rights holders in both Africa & Europe. We cover Sports Policy; Sports Governance, Education plus much more

ASU Sports Business Podcast 17: The State of African Cycling, Africa Rising Cycling
Kimberley Coats and Jock Boyer are the founders of Africa Rising Cycling. They have a vast knowledge of the cycling scene on the continent having worked in the space for over 17 years with various nations such as Rwanda, Eritrea, Nigeria.

ASU Sports Business Podcast 16: A Spotlight on the Leading African Sports Executives
In this episode we take a diaspora’s view on the leading African Sports Business Execs. We discuss their rise in sports and why they stand out to us as an ‘Unsung Pioneer’ in the Sports Business.

ASU Sports Business Podcast 15: Ben Sadler, CEO of Alive & Kicking
We have an in-depth conversation with the CEO of Alive & Kicking, Ben Sadler. A&K are a charity that have been running for over 15 years who locally source and make footballs in Ghana, Zambia & Kenya

ASU Sports Business Podcast 14: Emeka Enyadike, CEO of VanDike Sports
Emeka has worked for SuperSport since 2001 as an African Football Analyst and is the Founder of Vandyke sports where he has worked with the likes of Nokia, Nike, Adidas, Indomie & DsTV, to name but a few, on various activations and campaigns

ASU Sports Business Podcast 13: George Chanda
A sit down with StubHub Partnerships & Activations Manager & Owner of GC Sports Management on endorsements & sponsorship

ASU Sports Business Podcast 12:  Socio-Economic effect of Sports Betting
Gabriel Ajala & Paul Adesoye discuss the impact of the growing sports betting market in Africa.


ASU Sports Business Podcast Special:  ASU Event Key Takeaways
Gabriel Ajala & Paul Adesoye sit down to digest the their highlights from the event on March 7th.


ASU Sports Business Podcast 10:  News Ways of Making money from Sports Content
We welcome back Gary Rathbone as he goes through his Africom 2018 Presentation.

ASU Sports Business Podcast 9:  Olukunle Kayode
A sit down with CEO & Founder of Statmetrix on technology & grassroots football.

ASU Sports Business Podcast 8:  Diaspora’s Perspective on…
We discuss whether Racism & Discrimination is on the rise in football?

ASU Sports Business Podcast 7:  Diaspora’s Perspective on…
Insight into the tragic exploitation in Africa & Africa’s ongoing football slave trade.

ASU Sports Business Podcast 6: The Diaspora’s View on…
Dakar2022 Youth Olympic Games

ASU Sports Business Podcast 5: Cynthia Mumbo
The Woman Leading Sports Business in Kenya

ASU Sports Business Podcast 4: Diaspora’s View on…
The African Sports Business Market

ASU Sports Business Podcast 3: Peter Raymond
A discussion with the Course Director of the European Sponsorship Association Diploma

ASU Sports Business Podcast 2:  Themba Ndlwana
A discussion with the CEO of Sports Media Africa

ASU Sports Business Podcast 1: Gary Rathbone
A discussion with CEO & Founder of Sports News Africa & Africa XP